Compositing 3d with live action footages

TECHFRAMES has years of experience in original and high-quality interactive PC Games Development techniques. We have a dedicated Development Center offering gaming services at cost-effective rates. We provide creative new video games for a variety of platforms such as personal computers, consoles, Internet, iphones, mobile-devices and handhelds.

We cater to our clientele of medium to large scale companies by assigning dedicated teams to their respective projects. We provide multi-purpose technologies that can be easily adapted to fully satisfy our customers' project needs.

TECHFRAMES provides out-of-the-box game development solutions using powerful features such as 3D rendering, scripting system, 3D audio, and GUI (graphical user interface) systems. We use technologies such as OpenGL, different animation kits and physics engines, Direct 3D and scene graph technologies to meet any of your gaming challenges.

We have a team of imaginative game designers, artists, programmers and sound technicians proficient in using powerful and latest in-house tools and technologies to create interesting game titles. Based on the customer needs and complexity of the project, we can dedicate teams with appropriate skills and management levels. For larger projects, we can also team up our dependable onshore resources to work with your team either as an extension to the offshore team or as temporary staff supplement.

We at TECHFRAMES are open to all your gaming requests and requirements. You can contact us 24x7. We assure you our prompt response and affordable solutions from the highly creative team at our game development center.

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