Tech Frames Illustration

Tech Frames specializes in unique, accurate and high-end computer-aided high-resolution 3D Scientific Illustration and animation in medical and scientific sectors.

Our competent and creative team at Tech Frames provides you a complete digital virtual-reality 3D experience of your product, concept or process visualization at cost effective prices. Complex processes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics can be depicted in simplified and understandable forms through 3D / 2D flash animation.

Accurate and comprehensive 3D medical illustrations designed at 3D Labz studio, are very useful presentation media for print and multi-media, patient simulators and teaching models for a wide range of audience levels.

Expert medical and scientific consultants working with Tech Frames animation studio are the best in their fields and they ensure accurate and detailed digital 3D scientific modeling, illustration and animation for graphical representation of your requirement using cutting-edge technology.

Tech Frames animation studio provides quality service and we assure your complete satisfaction on outsourcing your highly technical work to us. Our services are cost-effective helping you save 40-60% of the cost that you would otherwise incur if the same were done in U.S and Europe where scientific modeling, illustration and animation costs are very high. .

3D medical animation, science animation, medical modeling, medical animation, scientific illustration and other similar services are used effectively in pharmaceutical, medical technology and scientific equipments designing and manufacturing industries.

With our professional skills and dedication, we at Tech Frames provide business solutions for all sectors and media for presentations, product visualization, training, advertising, sales presentation, and conferences. Our precise and creative 3D modeling and animation services deliver unique and quality work ensuring utmost client satisfaction.