Prototype of 3d products.

3D Interactive Product Demo services create a virtual prototype for pre-visualization from product design to final production. Manufacturers are hard pressed for time to bring out product models in this fast-paced age of technological advances. Powerful, compelling and interest-grabbing 3D interactive multimedia videos with sound and motion graphics of products give our clients a cutting edge. Our clients are able to out-do their competition by cutting costs and time and are able to forge ahead by pioneering into new markets with their products that support and encourage staunch brand values. For this to happen we need to meet the challenges of product development and engineering skills with high performance and precision head on. We can provide you 3D motion video and/or Flash animation models with control over camera-view and motion for presentation of the electronic virtual prototyping of your products to be viewed by designers, clients and licensees before the actual tooling or manufacturing starts.

Effective use of 3D product animations can help demonstrate products’, designs’ or engineered systems’ full capacity and potential. 3D presentation is much more powerful, clear and convincing than what a PowerPoint or printed hand-outs can accomplish.

Given below are some of the benefits and applications of 3D Interactive product animation.

  • The convenience of product presentation and demonstration without physically carrying it around
  • A sleek and sophisticated product representation to project an up-market product that justifies its premium price
  • Attention-grabbing and impact-creating visual experience to make the product appealing enough to boost its estimated value
  • Provide a visual treat through exciting animation and graphics to overhaul the usual lackluster system
  • Bring life to dull and tiring data and information
  • Make designs and products get the cutting edge and state-of-art looks
  • Give a creative dimension to something that is impossible to achieve through live picture representations. Application
  • Demonstrate how your design or product can provide a solution to a problem
  • Reveal and display the internal parts of a complex mechanism
  • Give a virtual tour of a facility to a client through 3D walk-through and animation
  • Show how a product interacts with its users
  • Demonstrate the working of a complex mechanism through diagrams and animated series
  • Present a facility or product that is still in the concept stage
  • Show the sequence of operations of an assembly line or system
  • Enter into miniscule details of the products or components
  • Display every stage of the charted development process clearly
  • Give demonstration of new appliances like medical devices can function in a human bodyOur creative team at TECHFRAMES, using the latest 3D animation techniques and our in-house render farm are able to convey effectively the way a new product or design will look and perform even before the product is build.

  • If you are a manufacturer, architect or designer, 3D animation is the way to enhance your presentation. See your sales soar sky-high with the addition of 3D animation to the armoury of your marketing tools.
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