Playing with photos and 3D

3D Photomontage is an art of skillfully combining 3D renderings and photographic pictures into striking photo real visuals. The key to great photomontage lies in composing and selecting the best pictures and knowing how to blur reality and 3D effects to produce quality results.

TECHFRAMES professional expertise and years of experience on 3D Photomontage services have helped us maintain our lead in this field.

Getting the right pictures is the trickiest part as shooting. To get the best lighting and scenery right needs skillful eye and experience. It may sometimes require many tries and we even may have to blend multiple pictures to get the best results.

Photomontage 3D renderings blend attractive exterior scenes at the location with the proposed project at the site. Such renderings can also give a preview of proposed renovated buildings even when there is an existing building at the site.

TECHFRAMES 3D architectural photomontage renderings help our clients by:

  • Providing understandable and realistic design visualization
  • Instilling confidence in design and construction
  • Convincing neighborhood community and licensing authorities
  • Exploring design improvement options
  • Deciding on texture, lighting, color and material options

  • Architects and designers also find 3D architectural photomontage rendering very useful as it enables them to produce high- quality images that reflect on their professional service capabilities.

    We offer a variety of architectural 3D services including

    3D rendering
    3D render
    3D photorealistic rendering
    Architectural rendering
    3D perspective rendering
    3D Architectural Walk through
    3D Animation

    3D modeling and rendering
    3D Visualization
    3D Architectural modeling
    3D building design
    3D Walkthrough Animation
    3D VR Animations

    3D architectural illustration
    3D interior rendering
    Rendering in 3D
    3D perspective
    3D rendering company
    3D rendering company
    3D Fly through animtions

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