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TECHFRAMES believes that a successful design is not just a building that wins an award; rather it is a building that has evolved through innovative design solutions.

What sets us apart from our competition is our reputation for responsive, personalised service and do not confine ourselves to any specific design style, thus offering the client complete freedom to express themselves.


  • Registered Architect and experience in Architecture, Interior Design, and Vaastu. Flexible, understand client requirements very well, and will customize designs as per your taste. Updated with all mandatory rules, Government Orders, and latest developments in Hyderabad.

  • Bachelor of Architecture (Solapur - Maharastra)First Division With Distinction

  • Residential Apartments & Individual Plots Commercial Apartments & Businesses
    Municipal Drawings

Our design is simply measure the needs of the client, measure the needs of the needs of the end-user, average them out, and mix in years of experience in digital-animation development. This makes every design - decision process quick, easy, precise and always in the interes of accomplishing set goals .


  • TECHFRAMES believes that a successful design is not just a building that wins an award; rather it is a building that has evolved through innovative design solutions that are contextual and sustainable by creating spaces that are exhilarating which creatively responds to the needs of each client.

  • The Company has a strong, dedicated and motivated team of architects and interior designers. Of our combined staff strength of 95, 90% are qualified architects and interior designers.

  • Our Core Services are Master Planning, Architecture, Interior design, space planning, and on-site project management/construction administration. Our design solutions can be tailored to meet our clients' diverse project needs -- while maximizing cost effectiveness, minimizing problems, and successfully delivering buildings that provide ultimate functionality, beauty, and longevity.

  • Site evaluation and analysis.
    Environmental impact assessment.
    Architectural design work and site master plan development.
    Detailed presentation drawing
    Preparation of drawing for Govt. approvals.
    Detailed working drawings.
    Detailed specifications.
    Structural engineering design work.
    Preparation of drawings for services (water supply, sanitary,Electricity, firefighting, HVAC & Land-scaping].
    Graphic signage.
    Certification of completed works of services mentioned above.


TECHFRAMES is a full service Interior Designers & Decorators solution provider specializing in commercial and residential Interior Designing. Our cross - disciplinary approach results in an uncommon level of refinement to our projects and allows us to create spaces imbued with warmth and spirit. We adore the details - we respect the budget. We design to suit your tastes, requirements and lifestyle and create living spaces that are both pragmatic and beautiful.
Residential TECHFRAMESprovides consulting and turnkey services to owners of new projects and of existing buildings. The company has talent and capability to provide services in the following areas.
Home interior decoration
Interior design restorations
Renovating existing interior designs
Modular kitchens, Exotic Terrascaping and contemporary courtyard gardens
Existing facility evaluation special furnishing design graphics
Furniture Design, Kids area design, Pet animals area desig
TECHFRAMES offers design services for a wide variety of commercial projects that range from commercial spaces to public spaces, corporate office spaces and hospitality areas. Our detailed plans allow our project to be bid very competitively and we are able to control the budget that is very seldom broken.
We are well acquainted with all steps of the development process, from site planning through zoning requirements , during the construction phase and even past the point of occupancy, if needed. With these plans, we are able to control the budget very closely but without excellence in project administration the project will never quite fulfill the dreams that are attached to a property
Contact us for a personalized analysis of your interior design requirement:
Architectural Planning
The creativity innovation of our dedicated architects supported by their exemplified knowledge keep our clientele in realizing their dreams.
Architectural interior design has entered into a new zone entirely. Today, there is such huge emphasis on building interiors that clients are ready to spend as much as the building construction cost itself. Subtle elements of architectural interior design like lighting, shades, contours, and space utilization is regarded with intricate detailing. Clients want to have the best living spaces money could buy. Be it architectural home design or architectural office design, people view their living space as an extension of their persona.
Core Business
Project promoting:
  • Urban analysis with close attention to trends and development of infrastructures and land regeneration.
  • Business connections with potential customers based on characterized studies and initiatives.
  • Conception and elaboration of feasibility studies and projects dealing:
  • Specification and development of opportunities dealing with urban and regional planning;
  • Technical support to real estate activities In the Architectural field ;
  • Project management
    TECHFRAMES manages and coordinates the whole range of activities dealing the development of a project:
  • Client Briefing
  • Design Management
  • Planning Applications
  • Construction Programming
  • Contract negotiations
  • Space Planning
  • Solutions
    A Complete Property Solution under one roof.
  • Architectural Designs
  • Elevations
  • Interiors & Exteriors
  • Landscaping Designs
  • Space Planning & Many more.
  • Constructions
    Residential Projects :
  • Individual Houses, Bangalows, Villas, Row Houses, Apartments & Gated Communities.
  • Commercial Projects :
  • Shopping Malls, IT Parks, Office Buildings & Many more...
  • Properties
  • Venture Development
  • Venture Marketing only for Builders...