Tech Frames Illustration

Tech Frames creates for you 3D Medical Illustration and 3D images in medical field such as anatomy, physiology, medical and surgical procedures, pharmacology, and life processes. Medical illustration interprets complex concepts into simplified visual experiences that can improve your training programs, academic and commercial instructional manuals, sales, marketing, advertising in print and on television, online and trade shows..

Our Tech Frames creative team of illustrators and animators with state-of-art technology provide visual presentations that documents and disseminates scientific, medical and biological knowledge and effectively serve as administrators or consultants in bio-communication field.

Accurate and comprehensive 3D medical illustrations designed at Tech Frames studio, are very useful presentation media for print and multi-media, patient simulators and teaching models for a wide range of audience levels.

We at Tech Frames merge our passion for art, technology, and science to create dynamic medical illustrations that are aesthetic, educational and effective. Our full-time staffs of medical illustrators, designers, programmers and client support professionals provide high quality 3D medical illustration to suit clients’ needs based on individual client requirements.