Creating realistic digital landscapes and cities.

The popularity of 3D Digital City Walk through Construction is showing an increasing trend in recent years. It is not only a very useful tool in academia research but is also widely used in urban planning, management and improvement, particularly city planning, erecting buildings and appraising risks involved.

TECHFRAMES 3D digital models enable designers and planners to study the impact of urban development planned and the effects and problems of proposed development activities that is to happen at any particular site.

TECHFRAMES studio provides cost-effective and accurate 3D digital construction models and visualization taking into consideration the real vertical and horizontal geographical coordinates that includes features such as hills, highways, connecting roads, buildings etc.

3D digital city construction models offer an excellent photo-realistic visual experience that are true-to-originals and architecturally accurate reconstruction of proposed constructions site or target area. TECHFRAMES interactive models are accurate to millimeters and can be as meticulous and comprehensive as required.

Basically, the two steps necessary to construct a model are data attainment and model set up. Satellite imageries and digital aerial photographs when combined with latest 3D virtual reality technologies create accurate 3D digital city construction models. TECHFRAMES digital city construction models provide impressive, interactive models of road-networks, country-side, surrounding terrains through which a viewer can walkthrough or flyby.

A typical 3D city model is a perfect combination of digital ortho image (DOM) with digital elevation model (DEM) that incorporates building and terrain textures that are vital for 3D digital city construction and visualization

3D digital city construction models are effective devices for a wide range of applications in urban planning, construction and development processes. It can be put to use for applications such as design choosing, consultations with stake holders, persuading investors, getting planning permission, actual construction processes, marketing, keeping a complete historical record and become a complimentary service to other civil engineering services.

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