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3D Panoramic view Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) architectural movies developed at TECHFRAMES generate panoramic virtual or real scenes in an interactive way. It lets people view the interior of a house, apartment, condo or office space and exterior of the structure in its natural surroundings. It creates an atmosphere of you being present at the location and looking around in person

3D Panoramic movies allow you to explore the circumferential view of a scene in a full 360-degree form to look up or down and zoom in or out. Multiple 360-views are combined together to allow you to travel around in the area around a built environment. Architectural 3D panoramic views offer a great interactive method that lets you view all sides of the structure by manipulating the movements through the turn of a mouse

QTVR utilizes good photographic images of space for a total visual experience in virtual reality using only specified software for execution on QuickTime-capable computers. Every change in view of a scene is created at TECHFRAMES while maintaining the correct perspective allowing you to feel your presence at the location where you can travel and move around in virtual reality space created.

We offer a variety of architectural 3D services including

3D rendering
3D render
3D photorealistic rendering
Architectural rendering
3D perspective rendering

3D modeling and rendering
3D Visualization
3D Architectural modeling
3D building design

3D architectural illustration
3D interior rendering
Rendering in 3D
3D perspective
3D rendering company

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