3D Special effects animation is a must marketing-tool in your arsenal to sell your product well. TECHFRAMES animation studio has the creativity, talent and cutting-edge technology to create dazzling 3D special effects to showcase your products or designs.

In the past few years many companies have effectively put to use the power of 3D animation to add value to their marketing campaigns and presentations. This has brought them rich dividends by the way of high sales volume for their services or products. To those who are still hesitant and are lagging behind we offer our assistance in creating dynamic 3D special effects animation to help sell their products like crazy.

Using industries’ most advanced techniques and tools, coupled with our talent and experience, we create power-packed, special effects animation that can hard sell any product of design. The highly interactive virtual worlds with stunning special effects created can be presented through your medium of choice such as CDs, DVDs, television, film or internet.

We are able to do 3D modeling and visualization for all media with the use of blue/green screen composting very effectively. We are capable of producing 3D virtual reality sets with the use of blue screen and appropriate light environment for digital imaging. We successfully render 3D models with specialeffectsusing defined lights, and it is incorporated into a perfected real image of the set created by combining and simulating camera movements, at suitable location.

We retouch videos, commercials, images and films; do image cleaning or object deletion to complete non-linear editing. Completed works are usually in the standard format range but if necessary we can provide it in special formats as well.

TECHFRAMES – 3D Animation Studio team has the innovative skills required to give the attention-grabbing, power-packed final touches to your project to surge ahead of your competition

Areas Where Special Effects Make a Difference:

  • Digital special effects for films, commercials and television
  • 3D Reconstruction from images
  • Cartoon character 3D animation models
  • Flash intro, banners, pop-ups, ads and other flash animation
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