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In today’s world of instant gratification, 3d Walkthroughs and fly throughs providing a virtual tour of the property in a future-completed state can be a very intense and emotional experience although it is in the concept stage in reality.
We at TECHFRAMES We, at TECHFRAMES can work in close association with your developers, architects or realtors to help you pre-visualise the project. Clients no longer need to wait for a project to complete before they get the feel of the place.3D walkthroughs usually begin with the panoramic depiction of the external features that include landscaping, hedges, fences, roads and exterior surroundings in general. The exterior view of the building shows the façade where structure, architecture, materials and design can be understood.
3D walkthroughs of interiors portray textures, colours, light intensity, reflection, play of shadows, light illumination from different fixtures and reflection of light from different objects in the room. Innovative animation with sound effects can also be created if necessary.
Our team of professionals at TECHFRAMES with our advanced technology and experience can help you in experimenting with design changes and its visual aspects in the initial stages after reviewing 3D walkthroughs.

Airports and Sea ports
Business park
Convention Centre
Golf club
Offices and Commercial
Row Houses
Special Economic Zone ( SEZ )

Amusement park
Health Club / Fitness centre
Interior Design
Master Planning
Rail and Metro
Theme park

Apartments / Condos
Conceptual Design
Futuristic Interiors
High-rise Buildings
IT Parks
Sports and Leisure
Resorts / Beach Resorts
Shopping Mall

We have developed 3D Walk through animations for a variety of architectural projects and we have very good expertise in architectural 3D animations including;

3D Architectural Walk through
3D Animation

3D Walkthrough Animation
3D VR Animations

3D Fly through animtions

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