Tech Frames Animation

Our creative 3D Medical animation techniques are unique and can help people working in various medical fields present their ideas better. At Tech Frames, we provide effective and easy to understand visual animated presentations that clarify life processes, diseases and treatments, medical technology, and pharmaceutical developments.

Tech Frames animation studio sculpts virtual prototypes and provides product simulation in medical field. Our digital 3D graphical representations for pharmaceutical and medical industry clearly depict and simplify the concepts that are otherwise difficult to convey through texts or photographs.

Tech Frames furnish medical animation that aid training and presentation in medical education, research, patients' welfare, new inventions and technologies. Our 2D and 3D animations encompass areas such as:
Medical education
Medical methods and procedures
Life process visualization
Patient education
Pharmaceutical mechanism
Technical demonstration
Concept and product development
Medical Illustration
Awareness and advertising campaigns

We create informative and effective 3D medical animation for you that can help you realistically visualize complex and difficult concepts. Tech Frames makes 3D graphical presentation of new concepts in medical domain to depict anything from molecular processes, DNA structure to new and advanced surgical procedures.

Tech Frames can quickly create graphic medical animations and illustrations to make viewers understand easily the complex scientific and medical concepts that are difficult to communicate effectively otherwise. It provides an illusion of depth to give a clear and sensible view of the subject. 3D medical illustrations and animations offer an excellent means to convey concepts for medical, legal, educational and training purposes.

We strive to deliver purpose-oriented, detailed and accurate 3D animated medical visuals of complex medical procedures and processes after ample consultation with specialists in pharmacology and medical fields. Tech Frames animation studio provides cost-effective graphical solutions to complex pathological, physiological or anatomical processes, treatments, new surgical methods, or other medical related topics by translating them into understandable and effective visual 3D representation.

We at Tech Frames medical animation studio focus on providing high quality 3D medical animation services to academic circles and commercial sectors in the biomedical field that include:
Bio-medical Industry (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical equipment companies)
Medical and scientific publications
Research and academic centres
Training for professionals
Medical foundations
Healthcare sector
Advertising campaigns
Sales promotion training