2D Animation is the same as hand drawn animation also known as classical animation or traditional animation. Traditional hand-drawn animation is attractive as it uses complex but detailed interpolated movements of its various outlines and color boundaries morphing or blending fluidly into shape in 2D motions. It is the oldest, most popular and appealing form of animation where each frame is drawn by hand by artists.

In a 2D cel animation, artists and illustrators need great observational powers and conceptual visualization skills to create perfect shape-blending interpolated movements at 2D level. With the use of computers entering the animation field, it is now possible to scan the outline drawings and fill it in with digital paint.

At TECHFRAMES our expertise in 2D cel animation is an all-comprehensive process that includes story narration and drawing of every scene of animation, character design, background depiction and cel animation that has accurate frame by frame motion. Our animation techniques ensure perfect incorporation of background scores/music, voice synchronization with character’s lip movements and fluidity of action movements

Creative talents and years of experience of artists, designers and animators working at TECHFRAMES help us to deliver excellent cel animated projects right from educational and instructional CD’s to cartoon or mythological feature films that attract both young and old alike.

We create 3D Character Animation or 3D Cartoon animation television series, movies and Internet. Our talented team of animators at TECHFRAMES has expertise in all fields of animation process and can see the entire project from script to screen produced to perfection.

Our creative team at TECHFRAMES successfully undertakes to write, design and produce cartoon projects of varying time limits. We provide solutions of unparalleled quality at cost-effective rates.

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