modeling unique replicas and clay modelling.

The new 3D Mold or 3D Mould Design has many advantages over the earlier 2D techniques. It has the capacity to design complex moulds and also the capability to check the design through intervention inspection. The varying organic shapes used in product designs today cause split lines to become more intricate and difficult. The solid or surface model data that is produced for both split line and cavity creation during the mould design, if properly used can cut the programming time and lessen errors caused by human oversight and drawing misrepresentation.can be a spectacular product training method that is very effective for sales, product launches, for presentations at exhibitions and trade fairs and for industrial applications like assembly, maintenance and operations.

We at TECHFRAMES have sufficient experience in assembly design and molded part including moulding of rotational, blow, resin transfer and injection mouldings. Creatively moulded 3D part design ensures that you are able to bring out a part that works perfectly without any unforeseen shocks and helps minimize cost, and manufacturing or tooling complexity.

The special feature of 3D mould creation is the design of precision parts and moulds or product designing for packaging.

Our services at TECHFRAMES include total design and engineering assistance. Our experienced and talented team specializes in 3D model animation prototype creation, injection mould design, product development and part design, solid modeling, reverse engineering, and product design for industrial and commercial purposes.

We have worked with many companies in sectors ranging from automotive, ground vehicles, aerospace, alternate energy to other industries for designing new products or developing the existing production capabilities. You can rely on TECHFRAMES to help you in case you require a research and development support team working as in-house or if you are looking for secondary services. In short we provide excellent, honest and dedicated services that help our clients save valuable time, money and effort

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